IcoSITeR 2018

IcoSITeR 2018

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International Conference on Science, Technology, Infrastructure and Regional Development (ICoSITeR) is an annual international conference 2018 which is held by the Institute of Technology of Sumatra (ITERA). This year, ICoSITeR 2018 carrying the theme: “The Industrial Revolution 4.0 ‘s Concept for a Better Energy & Infrastructure Development” of organizing ICoSITeR 2018 is expected to be a container that is able to bring together between companies, organizations, stakeholders, and academia who are active in the fields of energy and infrastructure fields, either conventional or new energy and renewable energy.

Organizing ICoSITeR 2018 is expected also to be able to be a container for the exchange of knowledge, breakthroughs, ideas, and ideas related to the development of various fields in an effort to increase the nation’s competitiveness on a global level. Sponsors will receive recognition participation either before, during or after the event through various publications and material can enjoy interactions significant with speakers and participants during the event. Institute of technology of Sumatra will hold ICoSITeR 2018 on 19-20 October 2018.


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